1. Camera: Canon PowerShot SD750
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Exposure: 1/60th
  4. Focal Length: 35mm
  1. Camera: Nikon D2x
  2. Exposure: 1/30th
Chicas cam buscando sexo en directo con las más cachondas del chat cam

Chicas cam buscando sexo en directo con las más cachondas del chat cam

It depends on how you define ‘bisexual’.  I’m attracted to men on both a physical and emotional level.  However, I find women to be incredibly attractive and would have sex with a female, but would never be in a relationship with her (emotional connection).  Does that make sense?  I’d marry a man but I would only ever share a bed with a woman.

I think some people define bisexuality as having both the physical and emotional connection for men and women.

But if it only consists of the physical aspect then, yes, I am very bisexual.  Well…bicurious since I have yet to make it past first base with a woman.

I don’t know.  Labels are tricky things these days.  How about we just say I love the human body and want to have sex with it whether it comes equip with a cock or not?


Everyday. Always. I think I’m wet about 85% of the time.  I actually went to the doctor once because it was freaking me out, but they just explained everything I already knew about myself.  I mean, they said it in a much more professional manner but, in a nutshell, they told me I have an astonishingly high sex-drive.

Ehh, not really.  When I don’t feel my best I just let it happen.  Sometimes it’s okay to lay low and feel shitty.  It’s sort of like crying in that sometimes people feel like they shouldn’t, but once they let it out a good sob they feel relieved.

Plus, it makes the good days THAT much better when they come!